Sunday, May 22, 2016

Easiest way to identify a fake USB cord in Nigeria market or anywhere

Today i'm gonna show you guys how to identify fake USB cable in the market or anywhere.

This information will come handy and useful in many occasions or where necessary.
 Identifying a fake cable from original is pretty simple.
To identify a fake cable from an original, just take a good look at your USB, you will see two holes that reveals the USB pinouts connector outer shell. If its colour is gold then that means it is copper, and it’s original rather than the silver coloured aluminium ones, which makes it less original.

Coppers are known for their high conductivity compared to aluminium, coppers are also known for their high tensile strength (the strength of material expressed as the greatest longitudinal stress it can bear without tearing apart).

Although aluminium has only about 60 percent of the conductivity of these coppers, but the tensile strength is very low ( which tears apart when subjected to tension or stress) that which makes the USB malfunction.
You can also identify fake USB from original with the pictorial illustration below


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