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How To Change Imei Of All Tecno Devices Without Rooting And Use Glo Bis

6This article main purpose is to show you steps by steps approaches to successfully change the imei number of any tecno device without rooting the device. The steps are
quite very easy and simple to implement, Irrespective if it is your first time doing this.
Let’s get started,
How To Change Imei Number Of All Tecno Devices Without Rooting
In this tutorial I made use of the tecno M3 device, the process changing the imei without rooting was done in less than 5minutes. Let’s go straight to the requirements and steps involved
  • Firstly, you need to download Mtk Engineering mode app, you can download it from play store Here or send it via xender or flashare to your device. Also download blackberry imei generator on play store Here.
NOTE: The mtk engineering mode app helps those devices that didn’t work with dialing of such codes like:*#*#3646633#*#*. Some device manufacturer disable those codes from enabling the mtk device settings. The main purpose of the mtk engineering mode app is to enable you access the mtk settings of your device so you can tweak and change the imei number. You don’t need root access to do this.
  • Launch the mtk engineering mode app, click on mtk settings
  • On the connectivity menu, click on “Cds information” scroll down and click on “Radio information”,
7 2
  • Now you can choose either you want to change the imei of the sim1 or sim2 which is phone 1 and phone 2.
  • Select phone 1 if you want to change the imei number of the sim1 or select phone 2 if you want to change the imei number of the sim2.
  • Now we changing the IMEI of SIM 1, just enter AT +EGMR=1,7,”NEW IMEI” For example AT +EGMR=1,7,”523470787017340″
  • Now you input the bb imei you generated using the bb imei generator app.
  • You get this notification ‘AT Command sent‘  when its successful
  • Restart your device
  • Launch the mtk engineering mode and check the imei of the phone 1 you changed, you would see the new blackberry imei number.
  • Check your imei number by dialing *#06#. To see if really your phone 1 Imei number has changed
Now you can see i have successfully changed the imei number for sim1 to a blackberry imei without rooting the device.
How To Use Glo Bis Of N1000 For 3GB
This ia quite very easy once you have successfully changed your tecno device imei to that of a blackberry imei.
  • Get a glo sim, recharge N1000, send comonth to 777 as a text message.
Wait for some few seconds, you would receive a text message and your glo line would be activated.
How To Configure Your Device To Use The Glo Bis Settings
Go to settings, mobile network, select access point names, create a new access point name:
  • Name: Glo Bis
  • APN:
  • Leave the rest settings as default and save.
  • Now enable the Glo Bis APN for use.
See snapshots below:
8 10
Finally, am glad you can now enjoy the glo bis on your tecno device. For any issues or complaints, kindly drop a comment. Have fun guys 😀

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