Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To Get 10,000 Instagram Followers Within 30 Days

Hey Instagram freaks and addicts, I’m gonna show a trick on how you can get 10,ooo Instagram followers within 30 days, you can even get more than that before the set date, it all depends on how serious and dedicated you are. You simply do not need any 3rd party app or anything. Just follow below procedures,it’s pretty easy and simple.
Okay here’s the deal buddie, you see Instagram has an hourly limit for following and unfollowing. Some say it’s 100,some 120 but in the real fact,you can actually follow up to 180/hr, yeah you can follow up to that amount. Now what’s next?
Don’t just go around following people anyhow, you might not get followed back. Sometimes, I check some people’s profile page and I just laugh,you’ll see them following 2000+ and having only 170 followers, lol. You’re following the wrong set of people fam.
Do you know popular artists get about 10-15 new followers per minute on Instagram? Yeah,this is true, you can find out if you like. Now here’s what you do,get about 2-5 popular artists that you know and start following their followers. This means you’ll be following every new Instagram followers that follow that particular artist and most of them are usually humble so they’ll definitely wanna follow you back.
Now I’d suggest you follow 50 people each from the artists you got down till you reach the 180 mark. If you do this every hour for the next 6 hours, you’d have followed 1080 people. Now you should have gotten 350+ followers by doing this, if you get 500+, you’re a baller my friend.Now let’s do the maths, 350 followers * 30 days = 10500 Followers . Yeah, you’ve just gotten 10000+ followers and if you can increase the number of hours you follow per day, you will in turn increase the number of followers you get. Now for the stubborn ones that won’t follow you,you can simply download InstaFollow . Thank you.

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