Sunday, May 22, 2016

How to identify fake SD card (memory card) from Original

Lets say you go to the market and get your self a 32gb SD card, then you hurry home, tear up the SD card wrap and fasten it inside you SD card port.. you then transfer some few files from your PC to the card, only to realize it gets filled up with just little file of 2GB you transferred instead of the 32GB it was supposed to be,this can be so annoying and frustrating.

How to Identify a Fake SD card:

There's a free app on Google PlayStore you can use to carry out this test easily.

  •  SD Card Insight (An android app)

SD card insight is a mobile application that helps you get "insights" on the SD card. It displays the Manufacturer's details, original size etc of your SD card in an instant. It is a free, fast and easy to use application. All you have to do is insert your SD card in your phone and in an instant, it displays vital information about your device like Name of manufacturer, date of manufacture, product name, serial number etc. The application can also view the validation of the SD card against its class rating (Class 2,4,6 and 10) for the minimum data transfer rate.

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