Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To Protect Your WordPress Website From Hackers Using The ‘Hide My WP’ Plugin.

WordPress is a Content Management System used by web designers and bloggers in organising their online content with ease. Due to its flexibility and simplicity, wordpress is widely used by many internet marketers across the globe. It is also well appreciated by many due to its newbie friendly nature.
However, its popularity brought along some risks which if not addressed, unsuspecting victims might fall prey. Due to its simplicity and wide usage, wordpress has become a target of many heartless attackers and malicious penetrators. The onus therefore lies on every wordpress user to safeguard his online walls.
I know you might be asking how a hacker will know if my website runs on wordpress. The answer is very simple – there are many tools and applications that enable one to find out the kind of software a website uses. For examplewww.whatwpthemeisthat.com and www.wpthemedetector.com will not only tell you if a site is using wordpress, they will show you the themes and plugins used on the website. And due to its definitive nature, an attack that succeeds on one wordpress website is likely to succeed on another one – all other things being equal. Hackers are not resting and every day, new vulnerabilities are discovered.
Recently, vulnerability was discovered on the popular Revolutions Slider, and this affected thousands of themes on themeforest. Another XSS vulnerability affected most popular wordpress plugins including WordPress SEO, Gravity Forms and Jetpack.
Therefore, the first step you must take in securing your wordpress website is byhiding the fact that you use wordpress. Yes, do not announce it to the world that your website runs on wordpress, if you don’t want what happens to other wordpress websites to happen to yours.
How do you achieve this?
By using this Premium wordpress tool called HIDE MY WP!
Hide My WP is a premium wordpress plugin sold for over $25, but as a loyal follower of my blog, I will give it out free. So you can stay hack-free to an extent by solely relying on this single plugin.
What Does ‘Hide My WP’ Do For Me
Firstly, it will hide the fact that you are using wordpress. As we said earlier, wordpress already has a custom structure that makes it easy to be recognized. Hide My WP tries to change those structures without affecting your files and folders. By so doing your website is no longer seen as a wordpress website. It also changes theme directory, removes theme info on stylesheet, changes plugin directory, change wp-includes folder etc with the aim of hiding the fact that you use wordpress.
Secondly, it protects you from undiscovered vulnerabilities using the only intrusion detection and prevention system with customised rules for wordpress. It therefore firewalls your wordpress site against any attack, be it SQL injection, CSRF, Brutal Force, XSS or Read Arbitrary Files – Hide My WP is there to protect you. It also goes ahead to inform you of any potential malicious activity on your site with the full details of the attacker, his username, ip address etc.
Furthermore, the plugin removes unwanted script and tags from your WordPress site which makes your site secure. It also fastens your site and increases page loading speed. Hide My WP also changes the login URL and makes it impossible to find the login URL of your WordPress site by any intruders and hackers. You will be given a new URL whenever and you have to use the new login URL to login into your WordPress site.
Hide my WP plugin changes your URL
From the normal
to something like
You See!
Hide My WP is a very interesting tool to work with because of its ease of usage. It can be customized to taste and the plugin updates automatically. It works with multisite, and compatible with most web hosting servers and can work with other plugins too.
Hide My WP is a must have for every wordpress user owing to its importance. And as a loyal reader of my blog am giving you the opportunity to download and use it free.
Click here to download a copy of Hide My IP.

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