Sunday, May 22, 2016

How to Read Whatssapp Messages without the Sender Knowing

Hehehe. this one is gonna be fun, i pray girls don't read this, because if they do.. we them boys Don enter one chance.. You wouldn't know the girl you're hitting on have already read your message why she leaves you there wondering why the messages haven't turn from one black good sign(Whatssap Feature to indicate a message have been sent ) to 2 Blue Good Sign ( Whatssap feature to indicate Read messages)
So guys, just read the simple trick and use it when necessary.


it's just so easy, Its like this;
when you receive a new whatssap message, Dont open it... Just minimize your phone, Then you go to your Airplane mode and switch it Off.
Then go back to your Whatssap and open the message and read it.. after that, close back the chat and the app fully (Delete it from background apps by minimizing and then swiping to the right or left) then switch remove your device from Airplane Mode.

Since your Network wasn't On the time you opened  the message, Whatsapp wont record it as Read message.. that is it..

Will it work for other Device apart from Android?
Answer: Yes It will.

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