Tuesday, May 17, 2016

iOS 9: 62 tips and tricks

Get to know your iOS 9 tweaks

After eight years of upgrades and interactions, we've come to expect certain things with iOS updates. Each time around, Apple offers a few new apps, a couple marquee features, some fresh wallpaper, and a host of minor speed and usability improvements that give users plenty of reasons to seek out the upgrade button.
Apple's ridiculously high adoption rates aren't just a result of its handle on fragmentation; downloading a new iOS release can be just as exciting as peeling the plastic screen cover off a shiny new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, breathing new life into old devices and offering at least one or two must-have apps and features.
iOS 9 slows things down a bit. While there are lots of new things to try out (particularly for iPad users), many of its changes are of an intuitive nature. iOS 9 is a so-called maintenance release, focusing on improving the foundation and making it smarter rather than rebuilding and adding to it.
There are far more noticeable little changes in iOS 9 than big ones - like, for example, using watchOS's San Francisco as the main system font - and while it doesn't smack you in the face with its newness likeiOS 7 did, there's still a lot to absorb. In some ways, version 9 feels like something of a culmination of what Apple started with iOS 8, smoothing many of the rough edges and bringing a greater sense of coherence and navigation. In a former time, it might have been called iOS 8.5.
But even though you won't find very many revolutionary changes, the usability and accessibility tweaks throughout iOS 9 make it feel like a complete, polished operating system rather than a work in progress. And as always, if you've missed anything, we've got you covered with 62 tips and tricks.

1. How to set up your new iPhone

iOS 9 tips and tricks

If you've got a brand new iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus then you'll have iOS 9 already installed straight out of the box.
So to make sure your experience with your new iPhone and iOS 9 goes as smoothly as possible, it's worth making sure you set up the device correctly, so check out our video below showing you how it's done.
You probably noticed that, a couple of minor iOS updates ago, Apple added a ton of new emoji to its already sizable collection. But did you know that many of these come in various skin tones? Try touching and holding on many of the hands or faces; sometimes a window will pop up with various skin-tone options, letting you further personalize your picture prose.

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