Monday, May 23, 2016

iSocket 3G Informs You When There is a Power Cut at Home

iSocket 3g is a new device by a company called iSocket Systems. This device has the an awesome capability of informing you when you are worried about the power availability at your home.

Working of iSocket 3g:

iSocket 3g uses a small battery backup, a cellular radio, and a SIM card to have the ability to message you when there is a power cut. So, when it detects an interruption, it sends you a message using the SIM card. On the other hand, the battery backup provides it enough power to send a message.
isocket 3g
You might think that this small device might not be of much use to you. But just imagine, you are a geek and you are running some kind of code on your computer or you are just doing a normal full computer scan.
Then how would it be like when your work gets interrupted in the middle because of a power failure. And that’s when this awesome device kicks in for you.
Currently, iSocket is selling their product for around $170 because of the offer going on. They also have different varieties of plugs for different countries.
If you are also too much concerned about the temperature then you can also buy their $9 temperature sensor that goes with it. It will also text you when the surrounding environment gets too hot or too cold.
 Here is a video from iSocket about their product:

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