Monday, May 23, 2016

Samsung allegedly making 100 Million OLED display for Apple’s iPhone 7S series

Samsung OLED display
Samsung allegedly signed a deal with Apple for making of OLED display screen that would fit the 2017 iPhone 7S Plus, or whatever it may be called on this time.
The report discovered from the Wall Street Journal(China Editions), which references a Korean source. According to the leaked information, Samsung signed 3-Year contract with Apple for the delivery of 100 Million of OLED display screens that will be part of iPhone 7s Plus or later.
Earlier rumors hinted that the two tech giant companies would join forces in the upstream making process. The brand new report gives tangible sense of Apple’s plan for it’s upcoming flagship smartphones with numbers and figures.
The source also mentioned that, Samsung’s role in the contract is to provide 100 million 5.5 OLED panel to Apple, which will most likely equip the 2017’s iPhone may be 7S Plus. Another hint, may be improbable, is that the upcoming model of iPhone SE will get a significant display size boost.
Samsung allegedly designated full production line at it’s Asian plant to meet the order. According to the reports, the OLED iPhone release could happen faster than its previously expected. The media also indicate that Apple plan to release such as a smartphone in 2018 or 2019.
A numbers of display making companies were rumored to be negotiating with Apple for OLED display panel order. Its seems that out of the myriad of competitors l, such as Samsung, LG, JDI, AUO and Sharp, Apple choose the latter to provide the edge for iPhone 7s Plus.
Speculations roam free on whether the display screen will be flat or curved, but seeing the general trend, a flexible OLED panel screen does not seem like something the iPhone manufacturer would be interested in.
Apart from the OLED display, other extra features are also expected to grace Apple’s future flagship, like water proof capability, HD selfie camera with Led Flash, and A10 CPU processor and upgraded rear camera.

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