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Top Amazing Benefits Rooting Your Android

This is not one of the usual sermons on rooting that you're already used to.

While rooting is a nice thing to do once you get a new Android phone, it's not worth it if you don't have a definite reason to root your device or if you're not tech-savvy enough. The purpose of this post is to address the rooting without purpose thing.
The question you'd want to ask is 'why do i need to root my android device?'

if you googled that and go with any result other than this, you'd probably be told 'customization', that's what every 'root fanboy' would say. Customization is quite a broad word especially in this concept. In this post Amazing Benefits To Root Your Android, I'll show you why you should root and what you're customizing after rooting.

1. Flash A Custom ROM
A custom ROM is a modified Android OS version, flashing a custom ROM is one of the top benefits/reasons why people root their android devices because it is arguably the easiest way to customize your Android as the ROM is already a modified and customize form of the stock Android OS. The top benefit of flashing a ROM is to get a newer and updated version of Android if you device didn't receive an update. For example, less than 3% of Android users actually got the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, how then would the remaining users be able to get Marshmallow on their devices? there are two options only; root your device and flash a custom or Get Marshmallow Features On Older Older Devices.
If you're using a top Android phone brand getting a custom ROM for your device is easier, just go to the XDA Developers Forum and for your device, else google the "name and model of your phone" + custom rom.

2. Enabling One-Hand Mode
I wrote a post on How To Enable One-Hand Typing check it out. If you're not just comfortable with enabling one hand mode just for typing, you might want need to root your device to be able to enable one-hand mode in the whole of your device.
What is one-hand mode and why do you need it? Of recent among all flagships you hardly see any device with a display of 5.0" and below, rather you'd get a dozen 5.5" and above and the trend doesn't seem like it's coming to an end anytime soon. Personally, I don't like too large screen for phones(many of you also don't) and that's when enabling one-hand mode on your Android comes in handy. This tweak with the help of some apps shrinks the screen of your phone to one corner reachable by your thumb.
The apps that helps you enable one-hand mode include One Hand Mode Enabler and One Hand Mode Xposed Mod(this requires Xposed Framework).

3. Gesture Controls
While, gesture control is not what most users really need, it makes your device cool. If you're cool and want your Android device cool as well, you might need the GMD GestureControl App. The GMD GestureControl App has a combination of pre-defined single and multi-finger gestures to do things like go back or open the app drawer.
While, the app comes with pre-defined gesture controls you can still draw yours to suite you.

4. Thumb Friendly Control
A bit similar to the One-Hand Mode, but I think this is better since it doesn't shrink your screen and renders some part of your screen useless.
What does the thumb friendly controls do? The thumb friendly controls through the help of LMT Launcher places a control panel shaped into a pie under your thumb. This pie-shaped control panel contains standard buttons to make navigating your Android device easier and hassle free. The buttons on this control panel can be reconfigured to do various things.

5. Tweak And Enhance Performance
Once, rooted you can tweak the hardware performance of your Android device. There are various ways to customize/tweak and enhance the hardware performance of your Android device. These includes flashing a custom kernel or installing third-party apps that'll enable you to enhance the performance of your Android device hardware like increase CPU clock speed. You could install any of these Kernel Adiutor or Device Control.
There's also an app to tweak your device' display temperature the Cf.Lumen this feature also helps in saving battery life. To enhance and improve the quality of sound coming from your device speaker consider flashing Dolby Atmos Ported from Lenovo Android smartphones.

6. Customize The Navigation And Status Bars
There are quite a good number of customization you can apply to your Android device Navigation and Status bars, with GravityBox for Xposed you can redesign, reposition, hide and also change the colors of icons or any other stuff found at those bars.
You can also install a useful app SoftKeyZ. You can also change the color of the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, and with the app SoftKeyZ it’s even possible to change the navigation buttons themselves.

7. Change Boot Animation
Changing the boot animation was once one of the top amazing benefits/reasons to root your Android especially during the earlier times but now it's not much fanciable to many, it's still a fun and nice thing to do in customizing your Android device after rooting.
Before, changing your device' boot animation used to be relatively hard since it required you to go to the root folder which you may at the end mess things. Changing Android boot animation has become easy with the help of an app Boot Animations.

8. Try Out Other Emoji
I wrote a post on How To Get New Android N check it out, same way I brought you the new Android N Human Like emoji is one of the amazing benefits of rooting. You can flash a emoji from other OS like iOS and also emoji from other Android device manufacturers.

That's it on the amazing benefit of rooting your android.
I couldn't post all the numerous download links inorder not to get banned, check out the source for the links.

have any questions? don't hesitate to ask.

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