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How to Service Nokia Phones with Nokia Infinity Box Service Software

In the world of Technology, as we built machine and tools; there comes problems and solutions at the same time. For a number of years; users have been of common pitfalls for which they are not able to solve and the problems is to service and repair their mobile phones. Examples of this task are flashing and unlocking. One of the vital elements we lack in possession of ourselves is the tool to carry out these operations. Other tools and software repair we had previously and up til now didn't perform up to our expectations. Infinity Box in my side is the best service software.

The Nokia Best (bb5 easy service tool) also called Infinity Best Box is a Nokia Service Software Tool that enable a user to manage, repair and service his/her Nokia Phones. The software application can be operated by with users with physical, semi-skilled or mental skills. Nokia s40 series and Symbian OS mobile devices are compatible with Infinity Box Setup features. List of Nokia Service Softwares are Nokia Service Software Professional (NSS Pro), JAF + OGM + Pkey Emulator, Nemesis Service Suite, Nokia Care, Phoenix Service Software, but Infinity box appears to offer the best support. It is regarded in some areas as the Best Box Dongle. Infinity Best Tool Downloadand Ftd2xx File

The following will be a list of useful guide on How to effectively use Infinity Best

Notice: One can make use of this software effectively without Nokia PC or Ovi Suite installed on the computer. With the availability of Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver on the computer; Tasks can be run easily

Characteristics of Infinity Best Dongle

  • Infinity box setup could easily installed in a computer
  • The Service Suite has a user and family friendly interface.
  • Tasks can be accomplished with simple instructions
  • Users with little or no technical know-how can easily get used to the functions of the software
  • Nokia bb5 Best tool supports wide range of Operating Systems such as Windows Vista/XP/7/8
  • Infinity Tool is built along Windows drivers which save of lots of time and bandwidth.
  • Infinity USB Phoenix has a lot of useful features which makes service and repair.

  • Infinity Software Best can be installed in a computer with a minimum RAM of 480 megabytes (mb) and at least 256 gig of hard disk space.
  • Functions of Infinity Tool
    • Service Tool
      • Access to phone data such as model, manufactured and repaired date, serial number.
      • Read and Reset User security code also known as security keyguard
      • Life Timer Reset
      • Full PM with different ranges e.g. Skip 120/308, Wr. Only 1/309
      • Setting Phone to Local, Test, and Normal Mode
      • Factory Reset such as Full factory, SW Upgrade definition, Production Tune, User data
      • Product Profile Read and Edit
    • User Data Tool
      • Phone book Backup
      • Read, Write, SMS Recovery and Restore
      • Gallery backup
      • Memory Card Password Reader
      • Source device e.g. s60v3, Symbian s60, s40
    • Misc
      • Camera test and configuration
      • Sim lock restore
      • LCD Test Pattern
      • Serial Number Change
      • Server Support 
    Video Guard
    •  Flashing
      • Dead mobile phone flash 
      • Manual flash
      • Full Flash
      • Safe Flash
      • Dead-Test
      • Cold Flash
      • PPM Flash only
    • Repair
      • RPL Flash with Read and Write function
      • Low Format
      • Super Dongle Read
      • Certificate and PM authentication
      • Local SX4 authentication
    • Unlock
      • SL1, SL2, SL3 Unlock
      • Infineon Server Unlock
      • NCK Level Job
      • DCT3 and DCT4 unlock Job
    • Ntab Model Mobile phone Devices
      • Maego and Meego Check and Reboot options
      • Custom flash settings : - Nolo, Kernel, eMMC, Cmt root
    • WP Service
      • Self Test and Modem flash

    • How to read, write and recover your Micro SD Card Password with Infinity Box
    • How to unlock and recover your phone locked security code with Infinity Box Flashing Software
    • How to flash your dead mobile phone using dead phone USB flashing with Infinity Box
    • How to Multitask and Minimize two or more application with Infinity Setup

    How to connect your phone with Infinity Box Service Software

    • Open Infinity Best
    • Use a USB data cable to connect your Nokia phone to the computer and select Ovi or PC Suite  as default connection mode in your handset screen when a prompt comes up. A small window will pop-up up telling you your device has been found and the phone and computer have been paired.

    How to Connect your Nokia Phone to Infinity Best Service Tool

    How to Read and Recover MMC Password

    • Launch Infinity Box
    • Click on the User Data Tool tab

    • How to read, recover, reset, and write your Nokia sd card password with Infinity Box Service Software

      How to Flash and Reset Nokia Phones

      • Navigate and click Flashing tab. You have to sure you have all the necessary firmware flash files ready for the task. To get a firmware files for your own Nokia mobile phone; visit Mr Crab Start selecting the firmware files one by one. Usually, the most essential flash file is the mcusw (also known as cnt or fpsx) which contain the phone settings and program source code, image, and the ppm file which also contain files like Games, Collections, Images, Music files, Video clips, and tones.
      • The next step is to decide whether to perform a dead USB flashing or a factory reset settings by marking the options and click Flash. Notice: Make sure your phone battery is fully charged before performing the operation
      • The types of phone and infinity USB flash are full flash, PPM flash, Dead Test, Manual, and Safe Flash. 
      How to upgrade or flash Nokia dead phone with USB Infinity Best

      How to Unlock your Nokia Phone Security Code

      • Navigate to the Unlock/Repair Tab.
      • In the USB mode, choose the PC suite as default.
      • Click on the Service Tool and User code tab to read the phone security code, usually the process of finishing the task is 10 seconds; your password code will appear and try to jot it down quickly.
      • You can also the check the Phone Camera configuration status to check to see whether it is malfunctioned. Usually if your camera is spoilt, when trying to take pictures; the screen becomes black, the phone brick or even freezes; you can also check the SIM lock status of your cellular. 

      How to Backup your Phone Data

      • Scroll to User Data Tool Tab
      • Click Read Phone book and also click save gallery to save your phone data.
      • To check your backup; Inside the same Infinity Setup Folder; you will find a folder named Backup

      How to backup your Nokia phone gallery data's, contacts phonebook, messages

      Common Pitfall and Solution of Inifnity Best

    • Range check Error: - The only way to solve this problem is to purchase the box at any electronic shops. For me, this  is the best Nokia Service Software

    How to Multitask and Minimize two or more applications with Infinity Setup

    How to Multitask and Minimize two or more application with Infinity Setup Best

    How to Multitask and Minimize two or more application with Infinity Setup Best

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