Friday, September 30, 2016

Shocking--Angry Guy Destroys iPhones And Macs In An Apple Store With Steel Ball

 A French man decided to vent his bad customer service experience by smashing iPhone and Macs with a steel ball. This weird incident took place in an Apple Store in France. Later, the police took the man into custody.
What is the angriest thing that you’ve done after getting annoyed at the customer support. In an extreme situation, few of you might have yelled a bit.But, this guy decided to take his rage to the next level. Earlier today, after getting mad over some unknown reason, a person walked into an Apple Store in Dijon, France. To everyone’s surprise, he started smashing various Apple products using a big steel ball.
In the video embedded below, you can see the guy walking around in the store and destroying iPhones and Macs. The other customers and employees are left stunned.
If you try to measure the damage, it would be around tens of thousands of dollars. He is heard talking in French about “consumer’s right” and how Apple handled his support case.

   His rage comes to an end when a security personnel interferes and escorts him outside the store, according to Le Journal. Here are some more videos

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