Friday, October 14, 2016

How Long Does it Take to Get 50% Battery Charge on Your Mobile Device?

Considering the advent of the fast charge technology feature adopted into some mobile devices and chargers, also known as Quick charge. Quick charge technology is designed to deliver lightning-fast charging in devices; it can decrease the amount of time you spend tethered to an outlet. 

Using certain Snapdragon-powered devices or MediaTek powered devices with a Quick Charge certified power adapter and any USB connector, including Type-C, you can refill the battery of enabled devices up to 4X1 faster than with conventional charging.
I’ve come in contact with different devices that take forever to charge. Some take close to 4hrs 30min to get 90% charge while some other devices take just 90min to get full charge. If you own a device that takes close to 2hours to get 50%, then something is wrong with that device.
It will be an anathema to plug your device for 4hours, only to discover that you have 10% charge.
How long does it take you to get 50% charge on your smartphone?

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