Saturday, October 29, 2016

How To Automatically ReConnect Your Modem With IDM

Modem type of Internet connections are becoming obsolete but i can't run away from modem connections and even in the year 2016, i still find myself using modem, dial up connections which isn't the best internet service but it is still reliable depending on the type and speed of the modem you are using. Some modems are actually faster on at per with some routers, like for example i use a modem with 42 mbps speed which is equivalent to some routers.

Modem makes use of dial up connections which is requires a dial up number usually *99# and username and password to connect to your Internet Provider. Sadly enough, the world is moving away from wired connections to wireless connections giving rise to more use of Routers which makes use of Wireless connections rather than Modems which are wired in nature.

  • Internet Download Manager (IDM)
  • a Modem Connection and knowledge of your connection's Username and Password
Let's Get Started

  • Open Internet Download Manager (IDM)

  • Click on "Options"

  • Click on "Dial Up/VPN"

  • Dial Up/VPN Settings :
    • Tick "Use Windows Dial Up/VPN Networking"
    • Connection Options:
      • Choose your Connection, Mine is MTN-NG
      • Put in your Connection's Username, Mine is web.
      • Put in your Connection's Password, Mine is web.
      • If you don't know the username and password, feel free to put web or leave it blank
      • Tick "Save Password"
      • Click "Apply"
    • Redial Options - 0 times
    • Time between redial attempts - 3 Seconds

  • Open your Modem Connection Interface, and connect
  • Start your download
  • When the modem connection disconnects, IDM would automatically dial up your modem connection

  • Modem reconnects and you are connected again

Additional Notes: This method of automatically connecting your modem only works when you have IDM installed and a download is currently downloading.. So, this helps when your download gets interrupted and you want to auto redial, so you don't always have to manually re connect your modem.
You can download Internet Download Manager (IDM) by following this LINK

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