Tuesday, October 25, 2016

N-vpn Etisalat And Glo Free Browsing Cheat Still Blazing

This cheat is for Etisalat and GLO users, this cheat came out the long time ago but not well known, Etisalat cheat then was 60 MB and now it has been cracked and you can use 5times of it everyday.
For GLO users, some have been complaining that it doesn't work for them because of low network coverage and now I can assure you that it must work with this new modded features.

Introducing N-VPN, the simplest VPN available
today for free browsing in Nigeria, no settings
required, just download the app, open it and tap
on "Start N-VPN". Its never been easier ! That's
why some call it "The one-tap VPN" and its
absolutely free, no premium upgrade required.
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About N-VPN

N-VPN is the short name for Nairabit Visual
Private Network. It is a moded version of the
popular Psiphon VPN by Nairabit . It currently
supports glo and Etisalat Nigeria free browsing
tweak on android devices and PC.


The aim of N-VPN is to simplify the process of
free browsing tweak. Most people especially
newbies in the world of free browsing tweaks
and also some ladies find it difficult to use FBT
but with the "one click" function on N-VPN,
everything has gotten even easier. You can send
the app to someone or share the person the
download link and that's it. Sometimes you won't
need to tap on anything, whenever you open the
N-VPN app for the first time, it automatically
starts connecting and within a few seconds,
depending on the network strength at your
location, it will connect. Easy, isn't it?
How to Use
Like I said, its simple, just install, open and click
on "Start N-VPN"
• Tick "I trust this application" box and tap OK, if
you see such pop up on opening the app
• Also select "tunnel whole device" option if such
a popup appears on launching the app.
I have both Etisalat and glo sim on my device,
can I install both VPN
Yes, you can install both VPN for Etisalat and glo
without any conflict between the two
applications or any other VPN.

NOTE:This Cheat is Tested and Confirmed by Mhzta_Okenz.
View the screenshot below to see for


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