Monday, October 17, 2016

See List Of Phones Whatsapp Will No Longer Support By End Of December 2016

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp messenger has been undergoing huge changes lately. After a crucial 2016 business year for Blackberry and Nokia smartphone giants, WhatsApp support will reportedly end for BlackBerry, Nokia platforms, as well as some iPhone, models by the end of December, this 2016.
According to the report, WhatsApp, which is the most popular messaging application platform used by almost 90 percent of smartphone users in the world will no longer support some mobile devices at the end of December as their planning to expand their app features and add more security tools to their app. “code-block code-block-4”> The messenger platform has already updated its user policy to begin sharing your info with Facebook as well as so many major updates seen in the past couple of months.
List Of Phones That Will No Longer Have WhatsApp Support WhatsApp support will end for all Blackberry phones including blackberry10 devices All Symbian Phones Includes;
Nokia 500
Nokia E6
Nokia 5228
Nokia 5230
Nokia E63
Nokia 5233
Nokia E66
Nokia 5235
Nokia 5250
Nokia E7
Nokia 5320
Nokia E71
Nokia 5530
Nokia E72
Nokia 5630
Nokia E73
Nokia 5700
Nokia E75
Nokia 5730
Nokia E90 Communicator
Nokia 5800
Nokia N76
Nokia 600
Nokia N78
Nokia 603
Nokia N79 Nokia
6110 Nokia
N8 Nokia
6120 Nokia
N81 Nokia
6121 Nokia
N81 8 GB

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