Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Fastest Vpn Handler Blazing Hot, With Super Speed! ' Cybertron Shield 4.2'

The new Cybertron Shield 4.2 fully cracked!

The Vpn is very fast in terms of speed and with countries like Sweden, South Korea, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Latvia and other's.

And guess what Nigeria also included too.

Here's a screenshot of this lovely Vpn handler
Beautiful right?

This is what have been working on for you guyz to enjoy....

Don't also forget that Apart from just using it for cheats it can also be used to speed up your internet connection for some of you guyz who are having internet issues on your normal sub.
I know some people are currently blazing their airtel free 5GB, but to others who it didn't work for you can use this app to enjoy it on GLO which is Unlimited and ETISALAT daily capped plus the Socialme package too.

For Glo user's I will provide you guyz with new Apns to enjoy it fast with this new blazing Cybertron Shield.

You guyz already want the app not so?
So No Much Talk! Let's Roll.......

How do I get the new Cybertron Shield 4.2 running on my phone/Tablet

1. Download the New Cybertron Shield 4.2 {Jackobian} Vpn handler {Zip format} or {Apk} directly from below.

2. Then open it.


Type in the the server you want for....

ETISALAT enter ›› Download blaze on from etisalat or Download blaze on from etisalat

GLO http://redirect.glo.com

New Apns for Glo





And there they are, these Apns are fresh and untouched for all of you to blaze!

{Just copy and paste them on the APN of your phone} and you are going to feel some speed definitely.

Open the app change proxy type to " dual real host"

Configure like the screenshot below ››


So after imputing the respective servers on the proxy server click Ok

And it will automatically get connected!



See it connected immediately!

You can also goto the apps settings and enable sound or vibrations


Or Cybertron Shield App Info ››

Enjoy Guyz....

With New app Nothing Like "Maximum Number Of Free Users Reached"
Which was on the previous Vpn Cybertron handler's, this new V4 is direct and connects faster.

Benefits of Cybertron Shield 4.2 {Jackobian} Vpn Update

~ Easy to use, with smooth interface
~ Connect's faster than the previous one
~ Newly added free Servers updated with the world's fastest countries in terms of internet speed! (untouched)
~ Working very well with current cheats - like Glo 0.0, Etisalat 0.0 and Etisalat
Socialme data plans(data capped) too.

New Features:
new server's {countries added too}
Sweet interface, with cool designs added too.
Connect's Faster too.

With all of this been mentioned So what are you waiting Guyz waiting for start blazing this new hot new Vpn app V4 {Official Release}

Please Note: uninstall any previous Tweakit app from your phone and install this, if you do not have the Vpn app no problem just install this one directly.

More updates coming soon!

Remember If you encounter any problem on the way feel free to drop them as it will be attended to.

Drop your comments if it worked for you Share with friends too if possible everyone



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