Wednesday, November 16, 2016

China Threatens To Destroy Apple And US Auto Sales, Donald Trump Is The Reason

china-destroy-apple  The heat waves have started to flow towards the US from the Chinese land. The credits should be given to the new President-elect Donald Trump who vowed to declare China a currency manipulator and increase Chinese import tariffs to 45%. A state-run newspaper Global Times has warned about the consequences of Trump actions.
The new President-elect Donald Trump – who is yet to swear the oath – has started receiving the backlash from the prominent powers in the world, namely China. A government-controlled newspaper Global Times from the Chinese land has published an editorial which is sort of a response to Donald Trump. The businessman-turned-politician deliberately spoke against China and promised that he would raise the import tariffs for the country to 45% and tag them as a currency manipulator.Global Times claims that the high import tariff bar is only a campaign rhetoric and Trump will not be a naive blockhead to start a trade war against China. The US president has no authority to raise the bar that high for all import goods – except in emergency situations. The president can only do so for individual commodity imports.

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