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How to Unroot Android Phone or Tablet

How to Unroot Android Phone or Tablet

Although you can greatly benefit from rooting your Android phone or tablet, you may know that the device's warranty right has been deprived because of rooting. If you want to regain the warranty, it is recommended for you to learn how to unroot your Android device. For your convenience, this text will introduce 4 different methods to unroot Android phone or tablet.

4 ways to unroot Android phone or tablet:

Way 1: Use Root Genius.
If you use Root Genius to root your Android phone, you can also unroot your phone with its help by following the steps below.
Step 1: Turn on USB debugging in the phone and connect it with your computer by USB cable.
Step 2: Double-tap "RootGenius_en.exe" and click Run in the Security Warning window to run the program.
Step 3: Wait for the connecting process to finish.
 Step 4: Click Un-root to start unrooting the phone.
Step 5: Wait for the unrooting process to complete.
Several minutes later, the phone will be unrooted successfully, as shown in the screen shot below.
Way 2: Apply Universal Unroot app.
You can use it to unroot an Android phone or tablet easily and fastly according to the following steps.
Step 1: Download Universal Unroot app on Google Play Store and install it.
Step 2: Run the program.
Step 3: Click Yes when the prompt box with information of "Are you sure you want to Unroot? This is permanent!" appears.

Step 4: Select UNROOT to remove root access.

Way 3: Use SuperSU app.

Way 3: Use SuperSU app.
The SuperSu application is another dependable tool to help you unroot Android phone or tablet. And the detailed procedures of how to unroot with it are described below.
Step 1: Download SuperSU app from Google Play and install it.
Step 2: Run the software.
Step 3: Enter Settings and select Full unroot.
Step 4: Delete the following files.
Way 4: Make use of ES File Explorer.
The steps of applying this app to unroot Android phone or tablet include:
Step 1: Download ES File Explorer from Google Play and install it successfully.
Step 2: Run the app.
Step 3: Click options button, go to Root Settings, select Root Explorer and Mount File System.
Step 4: Return to Apps main screen, choose Favorites and select " / " symbol in it.
Step 5: Open System folder, enter App folder and only delete Superuser.apk.
Step 6: Return to System folder, open xbin folder and remove the files below.
Step 7: Reboot. After restart, if the unroot fails, repeat all the steps.
In summary, these four ways are helpful in unrooting Android phones or tablets. Consequently, if needed, you can try to apply any of them to effectively have your Android phone or tablet unrooted.

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