Friday, February 24, 2017

How to create Scatter File for any MTK Android Devices

The steps are applicable for android device with:
MT6572, MT6577, MT6582, MT6589, MT6592, MT6595.

1. A MTK chipset based android device
2. USB cord
3. Download MTKDROID Tool
4. Download and install ADB Driver on your computer or ask hovatek for a compatible driver for your devices
5. Some common sense to perform easy tasks.


-- From your android device, enable USB debugging. Check if it is enabled on your device Settings - Developer options
-- Connect your android device to you computer via USB cord. Drivers must be loaded automatically since you have drivers installed from ADB Driver.
-- Run MTK Droid Tools.exe application as administrator
-- Once, device information is loaded successfully, click on Blocks Map to continue

[Image: How-to-create-Scatter-File-for-any-MTK-A...ices-1.png]

-- A new window will pop up, Now, you need to click on the Create Scatter File button.

[Image: How-to-create-Scatter-File-for-any-MTK-A...ices-2.png]

-- It will ask where to save the Scatter File. You can save it anywhere on your computer. Once you are ready click on Save Button to begin the Scatter creating process.

[Image: How-to-create-Scatter-File-for-any-MTK-A...ices-3.png]

-- Done. You have successfully created the scatter file for your device.

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