Sunday, June 4, 2017

South African MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Tweak With Yoga VPN

I have been getting lots for request from my readers from different African countries to help them with free browsing tweak. The country that tops them all is the south African readers so I have decided to post something for them.
If you happen to be a South African MTN user then this tweak is for you. This is the latest MTN free browsing tweak that works with a special VPN called Yoga VPN and as I said earlier, this is specially for south African users. 
                   Below is the download link and also the full settings for the MTN tweak.

How to Configure the MTN Tweak With Yoga VPN
>> Install and launch the VPN
>> Tap on the "connect" button and wait while it connects.
>> That's all guys, just minimize the app and start browsing.
If you have any​ question, feel free to drop it in the comment section below.
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  2. thank for your post. It's a good app. have you use South African National? You can download and use it.


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